Chronicles of drumpf

These are the chronicles of drumpf, a story of my yugely successful, brilliant, fantastic. Brilliant successful life. I like chronicles so I thought I'd write a chronicle. I wrote this chronicle there might have been a ghost but the ghost might just a 400 lb. guy in his basement in New Jersey. So I'M doing the chronicle. My life is fantastic now so I want everyone to know how fantastic life can be.

Entry 1/12/2017

Yesterday I had my first press conference in awhile. I hate the press, who needs the press? I have twitter and twitter only has 140 characters and 140 is my max…Did I say who needs the press? Those guys–I showed them yesterday I'm picking who I like and who is going to not do the fake news.I am the president elect how dare they report that I'm a pervert and then ask me questions about being a pervert. I hate the press. I hate intelligence.I'm going to show my leadership and reduce intelligence when I'm inagruated. I'm going to show them who's boss like I showed that CNN reporter. I'm going to settle things up, I'm going to be happy, I just hope V.Putin has those tapes stored in a safe place.

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