Chronicles of drumpf-Inauguration day Jan. 20, 2017

It's my bigly day. It is going to be fantastic, so udderly fantastic. I am going to be Mr. President I will be showered with gold and respect. I will show those losers-I know what to do with the doomsday button, I saw Apocalypse Now at least 10 times. It's too bad Colonel Kurtz isn't around I'm sure I could find a place for him in my administration. He looked and talked like someone who knew how to make bombs great again.

Speaking of bombs that Alec Baldwin is so overrated..probably more overrated than Meryl Streep. I hate fake new I have the stream of fake news and all these losers that make a buck off it. That Baldwin is nothing like me I don't talk like that I talk like Marlon Brando I'm a tough guy people will find out. I will ask questions and determine if people they're in and if they say we're in smelling victory.

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